5 Tips To Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand’s voice speaks to everyone. Ensure it is heard.

Your brand’s voice represents how your target audience, your employees, and your business relationships view you and your organization. It is not just your tagline or logo, it is the essence of your business and the tone from which all future business dealings will be handled. Your voice builds trust, grows respect, and builds lasting relationships between yourself and your customers, and creates the framework for long-lasting investments and partnerships. Whether you have a fortune 500 company or a small mom and pop shop, your voice needs to speak loud and clear to be heard and understood.

Finding your voice, however, is not always as easy as it seems. Here are 5 tips that you can implement TODAY to help find your voice and shout it out loud!

1. Find The Heart Behind Your Company

Your brand voice begins with the heart of the organization. You must take a look at the beginning and answer one simple question…why does your company exist?

Are you a clothing company that sells products made from recycled materials in order to help save the planet? Perhaps you are a tech company that has designed a product to save people time.

Each has its own reason for existing, and each one would speak to its audience differently. For example, the clothing company focused on saving the planet wouldn’t then talk about going on a whale hunt. It doesn’t match their goals and goes against the heart of the business.

The tech company wouldn’t offer a twelve-hour long seminar on saving time, as that would contradict the entire purpose of their time-saving app by wasting time.

Remember why your company exists in the first place helps to bring your voice to life and keeps your voice in line with your goals.

2. Know Your Company Vibe

If you are a laid-back and relaxed person, striving for an ‘all-business’ vibe will most likely not work for you in the long run. You may start out in an all-business manner, but as your true relaxed self shines through, it will begin to confuse your clients and business partners as they will not know which personality they will be dealing with next. You must know and acknowledge your vibe so that everyone around you, including your staff, understands what is expected and how they will be treated regularly.

Ask yourself the following questions to find your preferred company vibe:

  • Is your company a suit and tie workplace, extremely professional, or a jeans and t-shirt workplace, laid back and open?
  • Are you high energy and fast-paced, or relaxed and slow going?
  • What words would you use to describe your business environment? Inventive, joyful, adventurous, inspirational, fearless, etc. Get out your thesaurus and discover new terms to develop a full description of your brand. Use your newly found words to develop your brand voice as they all can be used to showcase your individuality to the world.

Your brand vibe needs to represent how you will interact with customers, business partners, and employees directly. If you are more personal…showcase that. If you are more straight to business…then showcase that. Your brand vibe will attract customers and business ventures to you that are suitable for your style, and keep them there if your vibe is consistent and transparent.

3. Know How You Want People To Feel

When someone purchases your product or service, how do you want them to feel? Happy, excited, inspired, hopeful, secure? Answering this question allows you to develop an emotional connection between your target audience and your brand.

For example, if you are selling security systems for people’s homes, you want them to feel safe and secure. To do so you must portray trustworthiness and dependability by positioning yourself as a protector.

Showcase that you understand their fears and concerns and that you have kept those in mind when developing your product or service. Your brand voice must be confident and reassuring to create feelings of safety and security.

4. Make Your Voice Company-Wide

As you find your company’s heart and vibe, and you have pinpointed how you want your customers to feel, you begin to discover your voice. Now take that voice and make it company-wide. Your voice is not just what people see on your website or social media. It is how customers are treated when they contact your customer service with a question or concern and how they are greeted when arriving at your physical store.

Even if you only sell online, everything your business touches must maintain your voice. If your brand voice says you are a fun-loving atmosphere that truly listens to its customers, but your customer service agent is rude or dismissive on the phone, it will contradict your voice and you will lose trust.

Create a manifesto for your organization and ensure every employee knows it and acts within it. Your manifesto does not have to be public, it can be for your company’s eyes only, but it will create the pillars on which your employees can build a foundation to stand upon and ensure that your brand voice is showcased throughout all aspects of your business.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to building trust in your brands’ voice. When a potential customer wants information on your organization, they will search everywhere to find it. If they see your website displays a very formal atmosphere with extreme professionalism yet when they look at your social media account they see you talking about a night out drinking with the gang, they will not trust your voice.

Your website voice had one tone, but your social media voice contradicted that which, in turn, will have your customers seeking business elsewhere.

Be consistent everywhere. Displaying your brand’s voice honestly and consistently across all platforms will develop long-lasting returning customers who can trust your brand.

In short, taking the time to understand and develop your brand’s voice, will allow you to build trust in all aspects of your business. Be consistent, be clear, and go beyond taglines and logos to truly develop your individual voice that will help you stand out from your competitors, build trust between yourself and your target audience, and most importantly…increase revenues!

Bobbi-Lynne McGarry Content Writer/Content Advisor

Professional Content Writer/Content Advisor for Entrepreneurs, Organizations, and Businesses